After being licensee of The Fox & Hounds in Shenstone for some 8 years, where we had regular live music, mainly from the late wonderful Roger Hill & many great musicians who accompanied him, it was my desire to continue to ‘Keep Music Live’ when unfortunately I developed crippling arthritis making it necessary for me to leave the licensed trade.

In November 2001, we put on a party in the then Pavilion Sports & Social Club which proved to be a wow of a success and I realised that acoustically there were few venues better. The rest is history, because on the first Saturday of every month and each New Year’s Day (on whatever day that falls) we have had fabulous gigs, supported by a wonderful, enthusiastic, appreciative and very loyal audience-almost as keen to keep music live as I am. I am very fortunate as all the bands, with no exception enjoy the venue, and the atmosphere and always play out of their skins for our appreciative audience.

The management of the Pavilion club changed in 2011 as did it’s title. It is now known as The Shenstone Country Club and all involved are extremely keen to maintain the arrangement of hosting The Shenstone Blues and give me the support I need.

We look forward to many more great gigs, some of which are listed in the Events section of the web site. It would be great if you used the site, not only to look to see the up and coming events, but to put your views about the gigs you have seen. We hope the new web site proves useful and popular with our friends and supporters and I will continue to bring you the very best there is to hear and to see.

Thank you all for your support, love and friendship



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